The Hashfootery Fives 2017/2018

Our 5-a-side knockout tournament will run from February to April 2018. There is nothing extra for 5-a-side players to do, apart from fret about the potential for massive swings with every match. Essentially you just make your predictions as normal.

There is room for just EIGHT teams of five in this three-round tournament. The deadline for registering players is 31 JANUARY 2018.


Each member of the winning team will receive a beer glass trophy. To date all the hashfootery mug trophies have been sponsored by our coding and hosting sponsor,

No knockout draw to display yet

Transfer rules

  1. Over three months, all five players should be able to stand by their team. In the event that one or more players can no longer access the internet for a prolonged period, changes to your team line-up are permitted between rounds, according to the following rules
  2. Players can only play for one team, i.e. any player in the Hashfootery Fives is "cup-tied" from playing for any other team in the tournament, even in a later round
  3. Once each round starts, the composition of each team cannot be changed for that month
  4. If a team progresses to the next round, a team member may request (by tweet or DM to @hashfootery) to be replaced by a new recruit (with no previous involvement in the tournament) before the kickoff of the first match in the next round

In the event of a tie...

  1. the team with the greater number of "3 pointers" in the current month is deemed the winner;
  2. if still tied, the team with more points from the previous month is deemed the winner;
  3. if still tied, the team with the greater number of "3 pointers" in the previous month is deemed the winner;
  4. if still tied, repeat these same tie-breakers for each month before until a winner can be declared
  5. in the highly unlikely event that a winning team cannot be determined, a decision will be made by @downwithdesign, @kirstieh and @gerrymulvenna