#hashfootery: simple and fun score prediction game for Twitter

This is the home of score prediction fun on Twitter during the football season (including World Cups and European Championships). Any twitter user can take part, just login via Twitter and start making your predictions.

It's time for a new season...

Simply login with your Twitter credentials to enter your predictions. Typically, about 10-12 prediction matches for the week ahead will be selected by 1pm on Friday and each will be assigned a hashtag. Follow @hashfootery on Twitter for the heads up on which scores are to be predicted. The featured matches will be predominantly from the English Premier League, but matches may be selected from other leagues and countries.

Former champions

Submitting your score predictions

Score predictions can be submitted at any time up until kickoff, either by tweeting your prediction (on matchdays) with the appropriate hashtag or by entering your prediction on this website. Predictions submitted via Twitter will be acknowledged by an automatic tweet from the @hashfooteryBot account mentioning your Twitter username. Score predictions cannot be amended via Twitter. If you wish to make a correction to your prediction prior to kickoff, this can be done on this website.

How the scoring works

  • If you correctly predict the score in a match, you get 3 points
  • If your score prediction was incorrect, but you got the outcome correct (i.e. drawn game, winning team), you get 1 point

Knockout - singles, doubles, 5-a-side

We have a big singles knockout every season (Nov-Apr) and are now trying some team hashfootery formats with a doubles tournament running Jan-Apr and a 5-a-side knockout over February, March and April.